Oct 9, 2016

Hitting a Vein

The Speed of DKA and how hitting a vein can create all kinds of chaos in the life of a Type 1 Diabetic using an insulin pump (written Jan 9 2015)

When I have put a site in and hit a vein...I have super high blood sugars even though my cannula isn't kinked and the only thing I can think is the pressure of the blood is preventing the insulin from absorbing...I don't know because my pump never alarms...

It happened today and I went 3 hours without insulin....I woke up at 7:30 at 86...ate breakfast at 9.  Breakfast was nuts, seeds, an orange and some dried coconut...all of which I took insulin for..and changed my site at 9:30 (due to a low reservoir warning),  just before leaving for 3 hours.  When I got done and checked my blood sugar at Noon before going home, I was 343....I started to bolus and the pain was incredible...I suspended the pump to stop the bolus.......

---I was picking up my daughter and said we needed to hurry home so I could change my site again because it was bad....when I got home my blood sugar was 431....it was only a 20 min drive....

I pulled the site out as soon as I got home...my site started gushing blood....crap...hit a vein...changed site, took a shot with all the insulin my pump called for plus the extra percentage that my doctor and I have worked out for situations just like this.

I drank water and did the whole high bg thing of water, relieve, water, relieve---

2 hours later I ate lunch of salad with only veggies and took no insulin for it...those 3 extra units can cover that too...checked my blood an hour later and was :  gasp....106---the site change worked...   

then I talked to my husband about going back to shots and he reminded me how much of a hassle it was doing that...didn't I remember?  Nope...all I remember now is how easy it was to come down and how it only took one shot....

Aug 13, 2016

Sometimes the Slow way is the Best Way

I absolutely hate having a low blood sugar.  I have been looking for a way to avoid it ...
Here is a method I have been having some success with

I'm on a pump so it makes it really easy for me to do this

I have a blood sugar of 300 .  My pump calculates I need 4 units to bring my blood sugars down to 100....

My basal rate is  1.0 u/hr

I want to bring my blood sugar down in 3 hours.

I know that if I give the bolus insulin of 4 units all at once, I won't stop at 100, I will go low...under 70 or even 60

So I want to come down with an increased temporary drip over 3 hours.

In order for this to work, I have discovered that I canreduce the amount of total delivery by 25 percent by just increasing my basal delivery for a few hours. 

Here is what I program into my pump

Temporary basal for 3 hours
Rate of increase by percentage
175% for the 3 hours.

Check my blood sugars at 1.5 hours and 3 hours and 4.5 hours.

Results are steady and more level and I never go low.  At least I haven't yet.

I would love a chart to calculate all of this for me.  Maybe I can get my husband to make me a spreadsheet that spits out the answer.   That is a conversation for another day....

Jun 15, 2015

Sugar surfing

9 months ago I was reading some of the posts on a Facebook diabetes group I follow and the name of Stephen Ponder started coming up a lot more.
Someone posted a link to a Facebook page he ran and I clicked through to learn more about him.  He coined the phrase Sugar Surfing to talk about tight dynamic glucose control that helped him to achieve an a1c in the 5% range without the accompanying dangerous low blood sugars.
I'm at the nitty gritty part with all of the cool info and i am loving it.....

Oct 29, 2014

The WAY to Freedom

  I know the consequences of having diabetes--and I went through about 5 years of being non compliant...since I was an adult it wasn't give that term because who am I going to be compliant to?  I wasn't taking care of myself and I would go to the doctor and express my depression because I couldn't change that I had diabetes and the highs and lows were taking a toll on my body.  I was lethargic, emotionally stressed and tight wound all at the same time.

 My doctor would express his disappointment that he couldn't help me because he didn't have the information necessary because I wasn't testing or taking insulin or eating regularly.   My husband started teaching my kids coping skills and how to deal with a mom with high blood sugars.  We have done rules where they have to say mom check your blood, they have walked out on me because I was screaming because my sugars were 400 and I was having a hot flash of anger...

To TELL THE TRUTH---DIABETES SUCKS and BLOWs at the same time...it is a vortex of living hell (if you don't take care of it)  Everyone who has diabetes knows this---we all want to be free...There is only one way I have found to actually be free of the hassle that is diabetes---The hassle of worry that comes with: wounds that wont heal, organs that won't work right because of damage from Highs, Nerves that are destroyed, eyes that are blind because of highs, brains that are damaged because of highs and lows, etc, etc, etc---basically dying one body part at a time in the most painful way possible and putting my family through that pain also of losing me one body part at a time...

That WAY is ---Testing, bolusing, testing, bolusing, eating, testing, celebrating because the number was amazing and you don't have any insulin on board and you haven't eaten in more than 2 hours.---coming back from not testing or bolusing is a process that takes time.   To actually be in control, I have to do it all the time.  Even when you don't want to, even when you are rushed, even when you are late, even when.....fill in the blank.  Testing and bolusing or celebrating...period.

This is a simple, easy not complicated thing to do that we don't want to because we might be afraid of the number or the result, because we know we ate that donut...or that extra piece of pizza and forgot to bolus.

People have been asking how to get an A1C below 7% on a T1D Facebook group that I am a member of.  When I was pregnant with one of my kids(yes I have more than one--to the chagrin of a certain endocrinologist from my last Pregnancy)  my routine was: wake up, test, bolus, eat  a couple hours later, test, bolus, eat    bolus eat, eat bolus, eat bolus ( this was the time I was so nauseated that if I didn't eat I would be sick, sick, sick; you learn really quickly that eating = good, fasting = bad.  That's not a good scenario with a diabetic because I had to bolus every time I ate something, cuz my baby would have "birth defects" if my blood sugars were uncontrolled,,, etc etc etc.

Needless to say, all of my kids are happy, healthy, and growing and NORMAL.....well--I think Exceptional....

My first Introduction to DoTERRA and what happened

Almost 4 years ago I was introduced to a new Essential Oil Company...Have you heard of it?  It's called DoTERRA...I fell in love with the first drop I experienced.   The oil was Balance and the presenter at the class I attended asked if she could put a drop on the back of my neck...

I don't know why I attended that class...I am glad that I did attend though.

I knew it was a sales presentation.  I was really hoping it wasn't high pressure...I hate those.  I never take any money to these kinds of things in case of the high pressure tactics that I have experienced.  I was super resistant to any suggestion that I might want to buy anything.

The home smelled amazing, I thought it was just because it was really clean, which it should have been; there were a lot of people coming over.  I was really glad I wasn't the one hosting the event.

About 10 people showed up at that class and we squeezed into the formal sitting room to hear about "essential oils".  I knew what they were and had experienced some before but I hadn't liked the way they smelled or felt on my skin.  My friends' description of her oils was so positive, I was interested.

And then Jenn put that drop of  Balance on the back of my neck.  At first I didn't notice anything.  She went right on teaching the class and passing around oils that she was talking about .  Then I started to really pay attention.  The best way I can describe my experience was, it was like someone had come in and carried me away to a really peaceful place where it was quiet and still.  My senses were clear and the noise in my head had stopped within 30 sec.

You know the noise we always have?  The negative back comments about everything under the sun.  The judgments about everything and everyone we come into contact with.  The self judgement that we don't want to address or pay attention to and hope everyone else isn't thinking about us?  That noise---it was GONE....

Then Jen Garrett passed around Peppermint Oil.  I thought I had died and gone to Christmas Heaven.  Everything (well almost everything--Melaleuca still doesn't smell very good) smelled so good...so much different from the blend I had purchased a dozen years before to help my child fall asleep...it didn't work and it smelled yucky.

I knew I wanted to buy...of course I wanted to buy but there wasn't any high pressure selling going on...Just a  presentation about what the oils did, some of their properties and an invitation to come and do what Jen was doing.  

So Simple...So Awesome. .....

To Be Continuued.....

Forgot -- Forget --- The Cure

I don't want to test.  I don't want to test.  I don't want to test...I forget to test...I forget....

What about you...is this you?  What is the cure?

Jul 14, 2012

How do I shorten this?

The Chiropractor told me my spine was not where it should be --no surprise; and that it would take many appointments for my back to heal and there to be no pain--no surprise.

I was expecting to hear lots of visits and long time healing because of my husbands back issues and the result  of all the visits and the pain and the extended healing time.  I decided that I would try using my oils to deal with the pain and speed the healing time.  I had experienced accelerated healing already and my thoughts to myself were: "Why Not?  Why can't I heal faster?  If I don't experience faster healing, well there is always the chiropractic to fall back on.

I mentioned I wasn't using any pills to help the pain and he commented I must be in a lot of pain and asked how I was dealing with the pain.  I told him about Deep Blue and Aroma Touch and a couple of other oils for pain.  He seemed like he was just kind of listening and thinking...ooh--voodoo!

His reaction was what I was expecting.  I bet you think you are going to do this but I have been in this business for a very long time and you won't heal that fast.  You will be coming to me for a very long time; because he kept telling me I needed to come to him 3 times per week so he could help the healing. ---My husband did the whole go to the chiropractor 3 times a week and still has issues with his back.  (Maybe I should treat his back too! )

When I got home, I started reading about what oils I could use to nip this injury in the bud.  I have a book called Modern Essentials that I use to learn about how I can use my oil medicine cabinet.  My goal was to find some way to blend my oils into one oil to make it faster and easier to apply; and then I wanted it to be all in one bottle; kind of like a "one stop shop".

I knew Lemongrass, Myrrh, Lavender, Frankincense,  Cypress, White Fir, Cinnamon, Lime, Deep Blue, Marjoram, Wintergreen.  I know this sounds like many oils.  Not all of these went into my blend but I had learned oils are so adaptogenic or "smart", that I can have any of the listed oils in my blend.

I looked for anything that had that first common use as analgesic, then anti-inflammatory. From there I pulled out the oils in my bag that I found listed and looked at what the book said about them with my focus.  I finally settled on 10 oils to put into my blend.  They are:  Peppermint, Wintergreen, Cypress, Lemongrass  Marjoram, White Fir, Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Cinnamon.

I made sure they were oils that would bring oxygen to the tissues healing, helped with circulation, pain, helped enhance the use of other oils, lessened inflammation etc.  All of these oils work very well doing most of these things but together they made a blend that was so powerful that my pain and healing began immediately.

I filled a page full of information about oils that I thought might affect my decision and characteristics of the oils that would help me know where to place them in the recipe.  I studied about their properties and the blending technique that would be required.  The ratios that needed to be in the blend so that the oils could all work synergistically together to affect the healing process and the time required to heal my body back to perfect.  That was my goal---Complete healing and freedom from the pain, ache, soreness and discomfort.

Being a diabetic, I am very well versed about how long my body takes to heal from any kind of injury.  I am counting time in weeks and months; like a few years ago when I got a simple infection from a piece of toenail that had snagged and broken and was just hanging off and I clipped it off.  It got infected and I got 3 rounds of increasingly powerful antibiotics from my Dr. and the infection just would not go away.  It just kept reinfecting.  I got x-rays to make sure the infection hadn't spread to the bone.  I am sure they would start checking my blood to make sure the bacteria hadn't spread....etc, etc, etc.

I decided I would use the blend I came up with Morning, Noon and Night and anytime I needed help with the pain because it was too intense to bear.  At first I was using the oils every hour--just a few drops--if the pain was intense, I would use more drops.  If the pain was less but annoying, I would use less drops.  It was completely customizable to my situation.  I wasn't worried about overdose or timing to make sure I took the correct amount at the right time so I didn't over dose.

I knew I wouldn't be able to overdose with this blend, and I could use it as much or as little as I wanted, and it would help with the pain.  the first dose I used I got pain relief for 2 hours.  I reapplied and got pain relief for 2 hours 15 min.  and so on.

I was working up to only having to apply it in the morning before getting out of bed, sometime in the middle of the day and before bed at night.

Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain and I would just pull out my bottle of oil and apply 3-5 drops to my hand and rub in onto the area of my back that hurt.

At this time I also started to double and triple my intake of liquids.  Oils use water to work effectively in the body and if there isn't enough water, I got dehydrated very quickly.  I was up to a gallon and 1/2 a day.

My activity levels went down considerably--I didn't move for the first few days and just did what I felt I could do on any given day.

After about a week of this I needed another adjustment and went back to the doctor.  He commented that I was looking really good and there wasn't very much adjustment needed and to come and see him again when I needed it.   I visited him one more time after that and after that adjustment I wasn't hurting at all--the pain just wasn't there and I was able to walk really well.  That was 2 weeks into my healing.

I had mentioned to a friend that I had shared oils with earlier that I expected it would take me 3 weeks to heal.  At the 2 week mark, I was starting to wonder if what I had boasted would actually come true.  I stepped up my application of the oils and added a little more to each application and that seemed to be the deciding factor.

At the 3 week mark--all of my pain was completely gone.  I didn't ache, I didn't lose any flexibility--I felt back to normal--AWESOME!  That is how I felt...AWESOME.